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OTTO Connect - Improving Communication by Rick Bright

OTTO Connect™ is a fully conversational wireless intercom system enabling hands-free communication among work teams.

OTTO Connect™ is a fully conversational wireless intercom system enabling hands-free communication among work teams. Operating in the unlicensed 900 MHz frequency range, OTTO Connect™ offers excellent performance in environments where other intercoms fail—including better performance through walls, in rain and over greater distances.  The wireless intercom system incorporates digital signal processing technology to provide ambient noise reduction in high-noise environments. These unique benefits have appealed to users where work groups currently have issues that were not adequately addressed with other communication systems. Below are several key applications featuring examples where the OTTO Connect™ Wireless Intercom has been used to solve work group communications challenges.                                              

In a large regional refrigerated warehouse, forklift drivers were having communication issues because both hands are required to operate the equipment and to maintain the transfer of the refrigerated product.  OTTO Connect™ fit the bill perfectly due to three benefits that other communication systems did not offer: Full duplex communication, continuous cold temperature operation, and long battery life.  The full duplex feature (VOX not required) that offers fully conversational capability is essential for safe forklift operation in this application. Continuous cold temperature operation was decreasing the run time of their current communications system to less than a full shift.  OTTO Connect™ has an eighteen hour battery life which provides for up to two shifts of continuous operation. A deciding key factor was this intercom system does not require a license to operate which is perfect for a crowded warehousing complex where new licensed channels are difficult to secure.  The end user is very happy with their initial three user system and will be expanding to eight users in the near future.                                                         

A call from a dealer requesting a headset that could be modified for an obsolete wired intercom lead to a great OTTO Connect™ sales opportunity.  A road striping vehicle had an old hardwired intercom that was constantly breaking down resulting in lost time.  The dealer demonstrated how OTTO Connect™ could replace their current hardwired system.  The four unit wireless intercom system has been implemented with plans for additional road striping crews in that district to convert to OTTO Connect™

An expanding mega church found OTTO Connect™ on a website when they encountered a new communication problem:  Due to an expansion of their facilities, they had some areas that did not have coverage with their current intercom system. A four user OTTO Connect™ wireless intercom was implemented to expand their reach and give them more than adequate coverage for their facility.

In all these cases and many more, the OTTO Connect™ Wireless Intercom is helping work groups to communicate better in demanding environments.  Other end users who can benefit from hands-free, full duplex intercom communication include crane operators, public works crews, hazmat and bomb squads, and SWAT units.  Your local OTTO representative can provide a demonstration of OTTO Connect™ and help you make that sales call to close your first wireless intercom sale.  To arrange your demo,  please contact OTTO Communications customer service at (888)234-6886.

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