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Persistent Position Navigation and Timing

Post Date: 7/22/2022

OTTO Lynq PRO™ - Off Grid Navigation, Data, and Communication

Capable of functioning stand-alone as a next-gen battlefield tracking solution, Lynq PRO™ augments ATAK EUDs with secure LPI/LPD transmissions and the ability to establish a common operating picture in multidomain operations. Personnel and unmanned systems can infiltrate contested environments against near-peer adversaries without detection and locate active or incapacitated teammates. 



Need to meet a demand on the fly? Lynq PRO™ Deployment Kits help users create mission profiles to match the requirement. Using the onboard computer, operators can pair devices in groups, naming devices and groups separately, and deploy mission data en mass. Further, operators can issue secure keys on demand for unbreakable encryption.


Lynq PRO™ Deployment Kits support a multitude of use cases, including remote advise and assist, where operators issue Lynq PRO™ to local forces with selective features enabled — allowing operators to track, navigate, and communicate with locals, while their position remains unknown to the local forces. This provides security and strategic advantage — as well as unprecedented communication, tactics, and performance with local forces. 


Operators can also track equipment, like motorcycles and other assets involved in jumps where bundles need their own parachute. Operators can use Lynq PRO™ to find their landed assets in the field by navigating to those devices — i.e., Bravo Six can navigate to “Bravo Six Bike” from within the Lynq PRO™ menu natively, no need to even use an ATAK EUD.


In comms denied or comms dark operations, where other comms are too noisy or unavailable, Lynq PRO’s 1W radio provides extended comms range for persistent positioning, navigation, and timing. Operators can maintain contact with each other via Lynq PRO’s self-forming network over broad areas, allowing for communication and navigation, without the need for ATAK, radio, or GPS.


Training exercises realize significant benefits with the addition of Lynq PRO™ for:

•  Personnel tracking.

•  Man down.

•  Man unresponsive.

•  Performance evaluation.


Lynq PRO™ provides hardware redundancy as a single-hardware unit doing the work of what has traditionally been three or more devices: radio, GPS, ATAK EUD. Lynq PRO™ augments these capabilities by extending an ATAK network to individuals that don’t necessarily need a radio or EUD, but can benefit the fighting force with location tracking, navigation, and messaging. These data points and abilities provided by Lynq PRO™ create an enhanced battlefield IQ for fighting forces, without the need and expense of deploying triple the equipment at a massive cost.


Plus, Lynq PRO™ is designed for the future and is firmware upgradeable. As features develop, new capabilities are deployed via firmware update to enhance the capabilities of Lynq PRO™ for your teams. Overall, changing the way teams connect and share secure peer-to-peer location, data, and critical information for miles without networks or infrastructure, Lynq PRO™ is a force multiplier.


Lynq PRO™ Deployment Kits are available now from OTTO Communications. Contact OTTO today for more information or a demonstration.

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