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OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom

OTTO Connect is a fully conversational wireless intercom system that enables hands-free communication among teams of people. 

OTTO Connect utilizes frequency hopping spread spectrum technology to create a reliable and secure connection.  Up to 8 users can speak at once and there is no limit to the number of listeners. 

OTTO Connect does not require a base station and provides up to 18 hours of talk time.  Operating in the 902-928 MHz frequency band, OTTO Connect offers excellent performance in environments where other intercoms fail, including better performance through walls, in rain and over greater distances. 

The optional Fusion accessory enables members of the work team to communicate with other colleagues or work teams around the world by interconnecting to existing cellular or two-way radio networks.

High noise environments are a special challenge for intercom communications.  OTTO Connect meets the challenge using digital signal processing to reduce noise and provide clear, intelligible audio.  These capabilities enable users to work in noisy environments with ease.

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