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OTTO Loc Two Wire Kits (Wire Kit Only - Interchangeable Ear Piece Sold Separately)

OTTO LOC surveillance kits feature a unique quick disconnect connector that enables you to choose from a variety of earpiece options to fit your needs. The connector allows only the earpiece to be changed to support multiple users on the same radio. This promotes hygiene and reduces wear and tear on radio connectors.
  • The OTTO LOC connector fits tightly — with a pull force exceeding 6 lbs
  • Six interchangeable earpieces fit OTTO LOC one and two wire kits
  • These kits are available in one and two wire versions supporting 20 different radio connectors
  • These versatile surveillance kits feature a new ergonomic push-to-talk design
  • Kevlar reinforced cabling for added durability
  • Easy assembly
  • Replaceable components

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