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OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom


OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom

For more information please contact an OTTO Representative toll free at 888-234-6886 or at 847-428-7171


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Want to know more about the OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom?  Click the link below to view a video with more detail.

OTTO Connect Video

OTTO Connect Power On

OTTO Connect Pairing

Requires OTTO Connect Headset
  • No base station - Dynamic switching master unit
  • Maximum range line-of-sight up to 4000 feet
  • Typical range:  1600-2000 feet
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Spread Spectrum - 902-928 MHz frequency hopping at 30ms intervals
  • Up to 8 speaking users per synchronized group - multiple groups supported
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Talk-time up to 18 hours

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