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Breach Bang Clear Praises OTTO's NoizeBarrier Micro Electronic Ear Plugs

When it comes to conveying the quality of our products we find it best to trust our users. This week OTTO’s NoizeBarrier Micro electronic ear plugs were reviewed on Breach, Bang, Clear by Joseph Neuroth, a former Border Patrol Agent.

Joe said, “I prefer in-ear hearing protection when it’s available, for many reasons (including the ability to achieve a good cheek weld and, when necessary, to wear a helmet).

I took these to the range four times while I had them. Two of the range trips were an all-day deal (so I had them in for 8 hours). A few times I actually (honestly) forgot I had them in. While I was at the indoor range, I lived on the wild side a bit and didn’t double muff as most ranges recommend.

I let it ride and was again impressed. The NoizeBarrier Micros did their job and knocked down the loud noises to a normal level. I also noticed they don’t cut out like most electronic hearing protection does when a shot is fired, making it easier when trying to talk to someone when people were shooting guns.”


The NoizeBarrier Micro provides outstanding hearing protection with unsurpassed situational awareness. They’re ideal for military, law enforcement, hunting and sport shooting applications where radio communications are not needed. Featuring proprietary dual-mode sound processing technology, the NoizeBarrier Micro ear plugs actively respond to the noise level in your surrounding environment by enhancing nearby safe sounds and suppressing unsafe continuous noise and impulse blasts.


To read the full review click HERE


Breach, Bang, Clear is a leading voice in the firearm and hunting community. Breach, Bang, Clear has an unmatched breadth of knowledge and experience. Writers include representatives of every branch of service and several LE agencies, civilian specialists of unique background, bouncers from Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, and OGA and PSC personnel.

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