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Unifying Teams in Evidence Searches; When Time is of the Essence by Staff Editor

A critical component of any successful search operation is time. Coordinated efforts with search parties that may or may not be part of the same agency can lead to logistical challenges and delays. Operating one unified system reduces that time—and could ultimately save lives.

Law enforcement faces challenging and demanding jobs every day. Some of the most stressful situations occur when time is of the essence and lives may depend on officers’ ability to quickly and accurately locate evidence or people in coordinated searches. Depending upon the scale of the search, the search area, and the number of resources committed, searches take time to organize, coordinate, and structure appropriately. 

These tactics require significant and coordinated efforts. Agencies use maps, compasses, GPS, radio, cell phones, satcom, reconnaissance drones, search parties, grid searches, and many more methods in a traditional crime scene search. This leads to resource constraints, logistical issues, higher costs, and delays in locating critical evidence or people.

Lynq PRO™ from OTTO can alleviate or even eliminate many of the headaches and limitations of a traditional search process by coordinating position, navigation, and communication with the search party. With built-in location data and a self-forming communication network, Lynq PRO dynamically shares location data and facilitates messaging within your search party, allowing officers to accurately process locations by tracking and sharing movements across the team when paired with mapping applications such as ATAK.

With Lynq PRO’s low-power encrypted transceiver and its ability to self-form networks, long-range communication—without the need for additional radios, communications networks, or devices —is easily achieved. Even if the entire search party is not part of the same agency, sharing a network. There’s no dependency on cell, satellite, external GPS, maps, apps, or other devices or technology. A Lynq PRO Deployment Kit allows rapid fielding of multiple paired devices, replacing most or all the traditional tools, and facilitating both monitoring and interacting with officers and search teams.

Using a Lynq PRO Rapid Deployment Kit while paired with an EUD running Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) allows for greater specificity in evidence collection. This next-gen solution allows for accurate command and control coordination across the entire search. Lynq PRO is ruggedized and water resistant, working in nearly any environmental situation. Combining a tough device, robust software, and firmware upgradeable capabilities, Lynq PRO is the solution to reduce the time and resources needed for coordinated law enforcement searches for evidence and individuals, all while making searches more efficient and successful now and in the future.

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