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Lynq PRO™

On & Off Grid Navigation, Data, and Communication


Lynq PRO™ enables teams to share positional data and maximize situational awareness with covert on-demand ad-hoc data networks.

Using Lynq PRO’s long-range, low power, RF quiet network improves survivability and connectivity, even when comms are denied, with rapidly deployable peer-to-peer location, data, and information sharing. Lynq PRO™ changes how teams are connected by enabling secure peer-to-peer location, data, and critical information sharing for miles without networks or infrastructure. Creates difficult to intercept and detect self-forming networks. Extends the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data, creating mobility, security and network independence. 

Rapid Programming Kits - Lynq PRO™ Ecosystem

The Rapid Programming Kits contain everything needed to field Lynq PRO™. Containing up to 12 devices. Click Here for more details. 

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    + Routes to Waypoints or Teammates
    + Bread Crumbing
    + Geofencing
    + Return to Home Function
    + Internal GPS Clock
    + Auto-Detect Signal Loss
    + Timestamped Events
    + Multi-format
    + LPI/LPD Safe
    + AES 256 Bit Encrypted
    + RF Quiet,Peer-to- Peer LAN
    + Long Range & Jamming Resistant
    + ATAK Transmit Receive Compatible
    + Password Protected
    + Self-Forming / Self-Healing
    + PLI Data for Up to 24 Users
    + Fused GNSS Capabilities
    + Lat/Long & MGRS Coordinates

  • Display
    + Sunlight readable, Monochrome


  • SIZE: 2.3” x 4” x 1.2”
  • Internal Rechargeable 2000 mAh LiPo Battery
  • Button Input on Device or Controllable via ATAK
  • MIL-STD-810G compliant
  • 1 - watt max output
  • Operates in 902-928MHz
  • Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Technology 

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