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Lynq PRO™

Off Grid Navigation, Data, and Communication

Lynq PRO™ enables teams to share positional data and maximize situational awareness with covert on-demand ad-hoc data networks.

Using Lynq PRO’s long-range, low power, RF quiet network improves survivability and connectivity, even when comms are denied, with rapidly deployable peer-to-peer location, data, and information sharing.

Features sunlight-readable monochrome display, 1-watt max output, MIL-STD-810G compliant, operates in 902-928MHz with Proprietary Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Technology.

Persistent Position Navigation and Timing. Anywhere.

ATAK Compatible:

Capable of functioning standalone as a next gen battlefield tracking solution, Lynq PRO™ also augments ATAK EUDs with secure LPI/LPD transmissions and the ability to establish a common operating picture in multi-domain operations. Personnel and unmanned systems can infiltrate contested environments against near-peer adversaries without detection and locate active or incapacitated teammates.

Enhanced Location Awareness and Communication

Lynq PRO™ changes how teams are connected by enabling secure peer-to-peer location, data, and critical information sharing for miles without networks or infrastructure.

Creates difficult to intercept and detect self-forming networks.

Extends the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data, creating mobility, security and network independence.


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